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Our Story

Founded in 2012, 360 Business Ventures strives to build innovative and efficient digital solutions for complex business processes. Whether you’re in accounting, health care, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, insurance or financial services, we know how to convert your idea, your project, your processes and data into high-value add and sustainable ROIs so that your information is structured in a way that allows your business to be innovative and agile. With a digital workflow, you can now focus on what’s important—your business.

Go paperless and Automate in less time

In today’s digital age, we recognize the importance of embracing a paperless office, from cutting cost to eliminating repetitive tasks. At 360 Business Ventures, we automate your data capture and streamline the process of scanning, storing and organizing files and documents, wherever that information exists, so that your team can access select files instantly at any time, from anywhere, for faster and more efficient collaboration. By eliminating paper from your business, you can now complete tasks in minutes, not hours.

Business Processes: What gets measured, gets managed

Did you know that it costs an organization an average of $20 to key in data and file a document, $120 to find a misplaced document and $220 to reproduce a lost document? According to Forrester Research, business content is doubling every 90 days. As such, digitization is necessary to manage content and quick access to data is key to continued success.

For decades, businesses were burdened with handling stacks of paperwork and relying on paper copies for crucial documentation, allowing for an increase in the likelihood of human error—something that can be detrimental to the satisfaction of customers and clients.

Now, based on a recent study by McKinsey, 90% of American CEOs are adopting Business Process Automation (BPA) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions because they find in them new opportunities to connect with their customers and partners, the speed of acquiring skills and the effectiveness in optimizing the firm’s resources.

We, women and men at 360 Business Ventures, engage and work collaboratively with our customers to continuously improve their performance and positioning. We invite you to contact us to take a closer look at our value performance through the digitalization and dematerialization of your processes and workflows.

With the focus on Digital Transformation…

Our vision is to bring together highly motivated employees with a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical practices and to innovative value adding technological solutions for our customers.

Our values

We all live and breathe our values! They are respected by each person at 360 Business Ventures

-Act with integrity

-Empower our partners

    -Create sustainable and innovative value-added solutions

     -Exceed our clients expectations