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360 Business Ventures digitizes your paper-based processes using workflow automation and advanced scanning and document management solutions to help you work as efficiently as possible while optimizing your time, cost and space requirements.

An all-in-one enterprise content management solution for your industry

Streamline invoices, forms, claims and incidents processing that lead to faster turnaround, better data reliability and reduced costs.

Automate your workflow and generate results by automating manual processes, including data entry and paperwork handling.

Send your files and documents where they need to go within seconds and prevent duplicate records across multiple systems.



Whether you need to digitize health records, medical files, doctor’s notes, community referrals or any type of document, 360 Business Ventures offers a variety of paperless solutions including high-speed scanners and a document scanning solution for every aspect of your health care organization.

Our scanning solution for health care works with all EHR systems and features sophisticated clinical capabilities including process analysis, records management, workflow engineering, implementation and support services.

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Enhance your shipping and fleet management while saving time, cost and space with our end-to-end logistics and supply chain automation solutions.

A digital supply chain allows you to better understand your customer’s needs and enhance their experience with advanced invoice sharing, instant updates and automatic notifications.

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Logistics and supply chain

Accounting and finance

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360 Business Venture’s accounts payable automation solution saves your accounting department money and time while drastically reducing errors and eliminating the labor required for administrative tasks.

A well-automated process yields 50%-75% of cost savings and a processing time reduction from months to days. These savings are generally leveraged for new contracts negotiations and payments discounts, bringing more cash flow to the bottom-line as a result.

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Prepare for cases efficiently and manage workflows with an advanced scanning solution that converts all incoming documents including legal documents, client forms and invoices into searchable, digital files.

With automatic separation and indexing, lawyers can now access relevant information from a large volume of documents within seconds.

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Law firms and legal teams

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