Scanning and Smart Data Extraction

An all-in-one scanning software for your invoices, forms, applications, receipts, order processing and more


1. Automatically integrate your documents via fax, scanners, email, mobile, desktop and servers

2. Extract the relevant data and index your documents with minimal manual intervention

3. Launch workflows, generate reports, transfer data to your CRM and ERP and unleash the power of your data

NO more manual data entry!

Manual data entry is time-consuming and can introduce significant inefficient to businesses of all sizes. Processing time of invoices, late payment fees, rejected claims, claims requiring modification, delays in data transfer across sites, data errors, staff dissatisfaction and document retrieval time are all unavoidable problems and challenges of the manual data entry function.

In a big data environment, understanding how images, receipts, emails and documents are used and stored is critical to a company’s success.

To that end, we offer our Smart Data Capture solution with OCR technology to help you capture relevant information from documents into software or cloud-based applications for further data processing and analysis.

Scan, capture and validate

Using our intelligent data capture solution, we help companies electronically and easily extract data from paper (received via envelopes, fax, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and electronic documents (PDF, XML, TIF), validate the information, and pass it on to business applications such as ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems where it’s converted to searchable text.

Our solution provides an integrated digital storage with advanced search for better data reliability. The results are widely appreciated by decision-makers, managers, employees, customers and suppliers.

Work together, anytime and anywhere

Digital assets management

Identify, store and share media files such as photos, audio files, and video files. By applying metadata taxonomies to assets, users are able to group, search, and distribute files in an effecient way.
Poor communication in the workplace reduces productivity and increases operational costs. With centralized administration, our e-DOC360 solution gives your team the ability to access files to make better decisions and perform effectively.

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Advanced scanning Features & Functionalities

Capture data via barcode technology

Read any barcode from your document and automatically assign the data to specific fields, making each individual file searchable and accessible.

Capture data from structured & unstructured documents

Data capture of unlimited number fields from both structured and unstructured documents. Our OCR technology automatically indexes the data you want to extract and inputs the text into a search field for easy retrieval.

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

State-of-the-art computer vision algorithms to detect, learn and classify both pages and documents.


Input documents from multiple sources including paper documents and electronic documents. Export data to business applications such as SharePoint in multiple formats (CSV, XML, XLS), eliminating the needs to manually re-key document data.

Database Integration

Connect to an external database, pull / update data and provide bi-directional data exchange and validation.


Set a local folder on the server from where files will be imported (into new batches), processed and exported with limited user intervention.

Key features of 360 Business solution

☑Capture from emails

☑Capture from scanner

☑Capture from mobile & desktops

☑Automated invoice capture

☑Automated processing

☑Structured and non structured documents

☑OCR & Machine Learning

☑Automated invoices verification

☑ Alerts and notifications

☑ Dynamic workflows

☑Over 20 languages

☑Vendors portal

☑Electronic signatures

☑Integration with Docusign

☑Integration with ERPs

☑Reports Generation

15 000 000 +

Documents managed

200 +



Availability & Support

70 000 000$

Earned for our clients