Documents and Files Management Automation

Create, organize, and store information efficiently and appropriately with automated Documents and Files Management Solution

Digital Documents and Files Management System

  • Integrate all your files into a single interface
  • Share and control information quickly
  • Save correct, controlled, and categorized information

Safe, Secure, and Fast

  • Permit access only to the right people
  • Copy and save files automatically with a workflow system
  • Keep track of all the history of your files

Categorize your Files

  • Sort your files into meaningful categories
  • Tag files and folders automatically
  • Put all your most important files together in one place


Manage Permissions

Our software allows you to create collaborative folders with your customers to share key documents securely and efficiently. In addition, you can choose who on your team can access each folder or document and what level of access they have and what actions they can take.

Check the history of documents and files

Since multiple people will update your documents, you will have access to the history of actions taken, streamlining everyone’s workflow. In the event that, you can see which customers have viewed, updated, or completed tasks.

Digitally sign documents and files

Our solution allows you to prepare documents to be completed and signed in a few clicks. Choose where you want people to sign, and send the requests directly to your inbox. Furthermore, documents can be signed by as many people as you want, with options for additional fields to be filled in such as name, date, and more.

Integrate into workflow solution

Build your workflow sequence so that documents and files can follow it automatically, such as copying your files and saving them to your favourite file storage application.

Tag your documents and files

With the integrated search, you can find any document you are looking for quickly and filter to find only the relevant information.

Daily backups

Your file system is backed up daily, which means you can easily view and restore previous versions of documents.

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Key features of 360 Business solution

☑Capture from emails

☑Capture from scanner

☑Capture from mobile & desktops

☑Automated invoice capture

☑Automated processing

☑Structured and non structured documents

☑OCR & Machine Learning

☑Automated invoices verification

☑ Alerts and notifications

☑ Dynamic workflows

☑Over 20 languages

☑Vendors portal

☑Electronic signatures

☑Integration with Docusign

☑Integration with ERPs

☑Reports Generation