Enterprise Content Management

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Advanced and Pre-configured Modules

Our ECM software, e-Doc360, creates streamlined collaborative spaces and provides information to the right users at the right time with enterprise-class search, offering a new way of working and enhancing processes.

Records Management

Case Management

Digital Signatures

Business Processes Automation

Robotic Process Automation

HR Management

Vendors Portal

Contracts Management

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Document Management

Fully integrated with a data capture solution, e-Doc360 is not only used to store and retrieve documents—it’s also a working platform that handles your receipts, bills, cases and assets automatically so you can save time and reduce cost.

Any document can be uploaded and stored safely in e-Doc360 including PDF, XML, TIF and even CSV files.

Advanced upload settings include:

  • Mass import
  • Manual upload
  • Automatic upload

Workflow Automation

With an automated approval process, authorized users can easily approve incoming files and documents, track the number of tasks to be accepted (or rejected) and gain insight into the status and types of available reports.

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e-Doc360 Features for a Smarter Workplace

☑Access Controls

☑Archiving and Retention


☑Contract Management

☑Automated Workflows

☑Documents indexing & tagging

☑Full audit log

☑Full text search

☑Quick and multi-criteria search

☑Smart data capture

☑ Mass Editing

☑Version control

☑Easy Share

☑Integration with Office solutions

☑Mass download

☑Electronic signatures

☑Integration with CRMs

☑Integration with Docusign

☑Integration with ERPs

☑Reports Generation