Education Automation Solutions

Automate enrolments, admissions, financial aid, and back-office processes with Education Automation Solutions so you can spend more time on Education

Enrollments & admissions digitization

Enroll students effortlessly using online forms and workflows to channel applications towards the appropriate parties

Processes digitalization and automation

Automate your accounts payable, procurement, accounts receivable, collections and streamline your processes while removing manual tasks, minimizing costs, and optimizing resource allocation

Extract data from files and documents, store the required information in your system of choice, preserve them for later retrieval and share them with others on your team in a single, secure place



    Capture data and documents at the source and channel them for review to streamline admissions create a seamless student enrollment experience.


    Easily automate financial assistance requests, reviews, approvals, and notifications leveraging web forms, dynamic workflows, and notifications engines.


    Streamline the contract lifecycle process including creation, approval, and tracking while enjoying improved contract visibility, compliance, and monitoring.


    Electronically manage and communicate students’ documentations, requests, attendance, certificates, and monitor collections using our accounts receivable automation solution!


    Design, streamline, manage and deploy HR processes and documentation including HR employees onboarding, performance reviews, records, vacations, expenses, and documentation requests.

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Key feature of 360 Business Accounts Payable Automation solution

☑Capture from emails

☑Capture from scanner

☑Capture from mobile & desktops

☑Automated invoice capture

☑Automated processing

☑Structured and non structured documents

☑OCR & Machine Learning

☑Automated invoices verification

☑ Alerts and notifications

☑ Dynamic workflows

☑Over 20 languages

☑Vendors portal

☑Electronic signatures

☑Integration with Docusign

☑Integration with ERPs

☑Reports Generation